Dreamed Morocco. Morocco’s Dreams

Welcome to „Dreamed Morocco. Morocco’s Dreams“, a podcast about a research trip to Fes, Rabat and Marrakech. I am Maike Hansen, research assistant at the Research Training Group European Dream Cultures at the University of Saarland. In the next episodes you are going to meet a sleep researcher, a story teller apprentice and learn more about the meaning and perception of dreams in Morocco.

1 – Dreamed Morocco

What are Dream Cultures? Why do people work on this subject? What does Morocco have to do with it? In this first episode I am going to introduce you to my workplace at Research Training Group European Dream Cultures at the University of Saarland and the purpose and goal of the research trip I am taking you on.

2 – The Sleep Center of Fes

Welcome to Morocco! We are heading to the Sleep Center of Fes today to meet Prof. Dr. Mohammed Elbiaze who is a specialist in sleep science and pulmonology. Learn more about dreams and breathe and how diagnosing diseases connected to sleep is still often an unseen topic in medicine.

3 – The Storyteller

Join me listening to a traditional Moroccan story about a special dreams told by the Sarah Kchirid. Sarah is an apprentice of one of the last five Master storytellers left in whole Morocco. She is also elaborating on dreams and their purpose within a story and within Moroccan tradition.

4 – Rêves de Femmes

In this episode I am going to introduce you to the novel “Dreams of Trespass” (“Rêves de femmes”) by Fatima Mernissi and you will listen to Moroccan women talking about their own dreams in relation their lifes.

5 – Morocco’s Dreams

What are the answers I am going to take home from this research trip? How did this shape the perception of my work on dreams in French language at the Research Group European Dreamcultures at the University of Saarland? In the last episode I am sharing some resuming thoughts on my last five weeks with you.

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